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The Ancient Lore of the World

The creation
In ancient times long forgotten there were group powerful wizards from beyond the known world travelled through the Astral Plane in search of a place to achieve what they have never done before…the creation of a new world with life.
They were no gods nor were they worshipping them or even aspire to be gods. Their goal in life was to try and learn as much as they possibly can. As such they knew their magical power was not enough to create an entire new world out of nothing and so they created the first type of crystals: Manifestum Viridi Crystallis or in short the green conjuration crystals and with it they pour their conjuration magic into the crystals which then fueled itself until the magical energies were large enough to conjure an entire world from the different planes, like earth and water as the most important ingredients of course.
While the different elements formed to create a world in this empty part of the Astral Plane, they figured that simply summoning life would be inadequate because when a life expires it would go from whence it came. So they needed magic to create new life, like the creation of constructs. But as living beings are more complex than constructs, they needed a different power source and thus came the creation of the second type of crystals: Et carbunculus Creatura Crystallis or in short the turquoise creation crystals to create life as they see fit. These crystals where highly volatile since they were turning every matter in their direct surroundings into growing and changing life on their own accord if not wielded at all. Thus the first race was borned, the Skaven. A rat humanoid race that can survive in subterranean levels without the need for sunlight and although not completely immune to the crystals effects, they were tasked in harvesting these crystals underground and were taught in using them for their own needs.
The conjuration of the world and creation of life has been done but the wizards knew that for life to strive, the world needed ecosystems that maintain each other. For this they already created variant climates throughout the world but too much in specific places for them to react to each other. They needed the key for life, they needed the wind. For the wind to continue blowing, the wizards also knew they needed a safe magical power that sucked in magic and creates a force effect upon the air which makes it blow in a given direction. For this they created the third type of crystals: flavo artium arcanorum crystallis or in short the yellow arcane crystals. Given that these crystals must be placed high in the sky and stationary, the wizards knew that sooner or later these crystals were going to be found out by the world’s inhabitants so they made temples on variant locations and shrouded them away from sight. They also put guardians inside the temples so intruders could not intervene with the operations since that will spell catastrophic climate events throughout the world.
This was not all, cause wind doesn’t necessarily blows the same direction every year, not even every month so the configurations of the yellow crystals must be changed every now and then. This task was put in the hands of an observer that could never grow tired by flying towards every temple all over the world for his remaining life.

The flaw
When the wizards were done, they witnessed their marvelous creation for many years and saw that their world was a dangerous place to live in, especially for humanoids. So they taught some of them how to use magic. Then the humanoids started to flourish throughout their area’s and the wizards thought their task was done.
But before they left, they erected a giant temple unknown to everyone, even to the Skaven, guardians and observer. Clues were left behind, scattered throughout the world but incoherent on their own. If the world ever needed the attention of the wizards, they had to be worth distracting them from whatever work they were doing at that given time.
After they left, an evil crept through the minds of humans where they were tricked into finding a long lost site where green crystals resided. There they poured their power in a large summoning circle to pull forth a being of tremendous power. Greed and deception tricked them into believing they could control this creature. As soon as the creature showed himself as a huge flying serpent most of them were killed by the sudden eruption when it spilled forth from the summoning circle after that it gorged itself on the summoners.
When he was done, it tried to burrow out of the caverns but when he got out it felt himself slipping away from the material world, shimmering out of existence. Before it got pulled back into the summoning circle, it tore pieces from itself, spilling blood on the ground. Quickly it casts it’s magic on the blood and was forming small versions of itself. They were tasked to spread out and multiply, they were its eyes and ears while it waited for an opportunity to return and drink the blood of thousands, never sated.

The corruption
Where humanoids grew in numbers, they still stayed in the same areas cause of the natural barriers created by the wizards. Other creatures where mostly native to the same area as well and never felt the real need to move too someplace else. Even dragons were content, although few in numbers they had plenty to live with. There was one however who was not satisfied in what the area had to offer. She was a red dragon with a legendary temper, living in an active volcano on an isolated island where the hands of humanoids never touched. She dug long tunnels underground in search of finding anything she found interesting, jewels and the like. Then she found the rat people called Skaven. She tried to enforce her power on them for slave labor but they would not abide cause they were bounded by oath to the ‘Creators’ in handling the blue crystals. The Skaven and dragon were in open war with each other but still the Skaven continued handling the crystals so she became fascinated with the idea “why are the blue crystals so important to them?”.
In her last fight, the Skaven wield the power of the blue crystals in a desperate attempt in slaying the dragon. Their magic was not enough but they knew the property of the blue crystals could be very deadly and many Skaven have lost their lives by even splintered crystal fragments when a crystal was mined to careless. So they used blue crystal shards and propelled them at the dragon. The Skaven and even she, a might red dragon, was stunned at the effects. The fragments bored in between her scales where struck and she let loose a mighty roar in anguish. They felt like glass shards piercing through flesh.
But that was not all for she immediately felt very ill and retreated from the scene and has never been seen before although no Skaven dared to venture through her lair.
Lately, however, the Skaven were acting strange. They were seen near borders of empires and countries. Strange cause they never showed themselves before above ground and they were aggressively defending their new places. Some Skaven even looked different as if mutated.
Nobody knows and nobody cared as long as stayed where they were and they did.

On a dark wind
And then there was a subtle change. The winds of the world were blowing in a different direction, an abnormal direction. Where it rained, it became dry and where it was dry, the area quickly became flooded.
People started to notice the change but thought of it as an act of nature and not to be controlled, except for the Greeks who relied heavily on the winds for naval defense’s, trade and transportation.
They send out envoy’s to the corners of the world in search of whatever could have been the cause of this irrational wind direction.

The Eye
Were these terrible events not foreseen by the wizards? Could it not have been prevented? Was the fate of this world sealed at the moment of its creation? Only the wizards know.
What I do know is that I am the Archivist and my solemn duty is to take note of every act in this world. I know almost everything that is needed to know of this world only to pass on to the wizards when that times comes and they will return for good or for bad.
It’s a role that can be very lonely but also very rewarding. To witness so many extraordinary things, how everyone fits like cogs in a giant machine. How I am curious to the endgame, maybe I am even part in it. No, I that cannot be. Alas my scribbles are for the eyes of the wizards only.

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